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Gabriel's Titan Form
Gabriel ( simply Gabe Or the Sensory of Dzani Nia, Nurnitai) is the Dreadlord God of Justice, the Thunder King of the Thunder Elves and the very embodiment of the physical justice in the universe, as well as the Very Embodiment of Strength of the Universe. He is the Sensory of the The Throne God, having been molded and created through three different Hadou Gods and reborn into the physical world by Skyler Darkstone and given the name of Nurnitai.
Random Feature Article
The Heralds of Infinity
The Herald of Infinity, also known as the Almighty Magic or Omni-Magic is a unique and a highly potent magical power that allows the user to absolutely be able to use any and spell spells or magical ability. This is the magical variant of omnipotence.

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